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Link Type property

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Hi All,

We have a property called "Link Type" in the data sources node of AOT. 

My doubt is when I set the link type to delayed, what is the delay duration? Is it fixed in the kernel or can we alter the delay duration. If yes where can we do that?



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    RE: Link Type property

    Hi, if I got it right the "active" (visible) result set is not really delayed at all - if the link type is set to Delayed, only the visible result is fetched from the database, and the rest of the data is only fetched IF/WHEN the user scrolls so that the data is visible - so this part of the result set is delayed. Something like a paging mechanism, I imagine...

    See an explanation here: :

    "2. Delayed: – Parent and child – A pause is inserted before linked child data sources are updated. This enables faster navigation in the parent data source because the records from child data sources are not updated immediately. For example, you can scroll a list of orders where you do not want to review the lines associated with the order until you stop scrolling."

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    Pravasti AK 2,985 on at
    RE: Ax 2012 link Type property

    Hi Martin,

    The type Duration is not specific to a particular time base.the query on the joined data source is executed every time that the controlling data source is changed. The query execution is delayed to avoid the fetch of data, if the controlling data source is changed multiple times in a short time.

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    RE: Ax 2012 link Type property

    I don't think that you can find exact value of a pause somewhere, maybe you can measure it but for me it sounds pointless.

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    Basheer17 2,720 on at
    RE: Ax 2012 link Type property

    Look Using Joins with Form Data Source Tables section in for more information.

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    martinarul 215 on at
    RE: Ax 2012 link Type property

    Hi ievgen Miroshnikov,

         I am aware of the the "active" link type and the performance concern. My doubt is on the delay duration part of the link type "delayed".

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    martinarul 215 on at
    RE: Ax 2012 link Type property

    Hi Syed,

      I did not ask for the link types but rather my concern is about the delay duration of the link type "delayed".

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    Mea_ 60,274 on at
    RE: Ax 2012 link Type property

    Hi Martin Arul,

    If you concerned by update time of delayed link type you can change it to Active. Active does not have any delay, however, please be aware that delay is preferable in most cases because reduce performance overhead when user switch between records in a grid on header-lines forms.

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