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Dynamics GP 18.6.XXXX Mid-Year Release

Posted on by 28
As I understand, we can expect 3 releases of Dynamics GP for a given year.  Based on history, one of them - the mid-year release - typically rolls out in June.  I've been checking this site (Product Release Downloads for Microsoft Dynamics GP | Microsoft Learn) almost daily starting from the month of June 2024 but haven't seen any new version/revision as of today (aside from a hotfix published in January 2024).  Anyone have word of the availability of the 18.6 mid-year release or an update?  Thank you.
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    PG-05071548-0 28 on at
    Dynamics GP 18.6.XXXX Mid-Year Release
    Thank you Terry.  I appreciate your confirmation and explanation.  We'll look forward to the October 2024 release later this year.
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    Terry R Heley Microsoft Employee on at
    Dynamics GP 18.6.XXXX Mid-Year Release
    This is Terry from Microsoft, yes you are right, typically we release a mid-year update that contains changes for Canadian Payroll taxes, this is why we release something in June of each year.  This year we waited as well expecting the change from Canada / CRA, but there were no tax changes to report.  Thus, we did not release a mid-year update as many of our customers would not install it and it is not worth the effort if the change is not highly needed.  Any of the quality issues we are fixing will be rolled into the October 2024 release.
    As you indicated there typically are 3 updates a year.
    There was an update in January.
    There will be a major release with Features in October 2024
    There will be a US year-end release in November of 2024
    As well as a Canadian year-end in December of 2024
    Not to mention, we have so far this year done 5 US payroll tax updates of changes.  I know this may not impact all customers, but it is still updates and documentation that need to be completed.  
    Let me know if you have further questions, and I'm excited to review the new features we have in the October 2024 release with everyone soon!
    Terry Heley
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    Joseph Markovich 3,814 on at
    Dynamics GP 18.6.XXXX Mid-Year Release
    Just another sign they are starving the product of resources.
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    PG-05071548-0 28 on at
    Dynamics GP 18.6.XXXX Mid-Year Release
    According to this site, there is no mid-year release for 2024: No June 2024 update for Dynamics GP - Dynamics101.
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    PG-05071548-0 28 on at
    Dynamics GP 18.6.XXXX Mid-Year Release
    Hello Preetham,
    I'm checking daily at this point as the mid-year release seems overdue.  The last few mid-year releases were pretty consistent in being released in June (18.5 on 6/13/2023; 18.4 on 6/20/2022; 18.3 on 6/9/2021).  So, I'm hoping I'm just not missing it and reaching out to the community here if anyone has any information.  It brings me comfort that I'm not alone. :)
    But I'll make sure to provide an update in case I run across it from other channels.
  • Preetham theGP Profile Picture
    Preetham theGP 9 on at
    Dynamics GP 18.6.XXXX Mid-Year Release
    I am looking for same information as i don't see any information in online yet. Can you please post here, if you have any other update on mid year release ? 

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