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Expense management questions

Posted on by Microsoft Employee


I have been asked by a customer regarding Expense management, where I could not really answer. I hope you can help me.

1. When creating a new expense management, there is a field for Location - what does this field mean really - how should it be used? (is it where the employee is belonging to?)


2. There is the option Activity number, what can this function/option be used to?


3. Payment methods - is there a link to a good explanation of the payments methods? 

Cash - does it mean the employee has paid the expense by own cash or by cash received from the employer previously?

Credit card - does this mean that the employee has a company credit card and have paid the expense with the card?

Vendor - I have created an employee as vendor but can't see the option in the payment method list, should it not appear there?


I guess if the employee is created as an vendor, the payment to employee can be done through vendor payment journal?

Would be happy to get some help here :-)






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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Expense management questions

    Thank you so much Saurabh, this is so helpful and kind! I have learned a lot now :)

    And the link you sent is really good!

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    saurabh bharti 14,932 Super User on at
    RE: Expense management questions

    let me try answering

    1. Location : This can be master to analyse expense report data which can help in understanding the travel patter of our employees. This master can be defied based on customer requirement

    e.g. if We have lot of offices across country or world then we can add them or we can add one location as customer location so that we know how many expenses we have for travel to customer location or our own offices

    2. Activity number: This should be used when we are using project management and accounting module , where we enter that employee travel for which project , whtr its billable and for which project activity travel happened

    3. Payment method : What you see is just demo data

    Purpose of payment method is to derive who will pay expense amount and to whom

    If you navigate to master of payment method

    you will have :

    Expense owner : means who will pay , company or employee or customer (If project is used)

    Offset account: Determines whom it needs to be paid from financial entry perspective

    Worker: Means to employee (It will be through vendor payment only , go to worker > Expense tab > map employee to vendor)

    Ledger/Bank/Vendor when it is not employee specific account you want to pay. Lets say credit card company so your credit card account can be as vendor /ledger or bank depends on your configuration

    You can refer this

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