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Multiple Parcel despatch of Different Items

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I want to basically build a bundle of product which need to be picked when a customer orders a single product made of multiple item code but don’t have the advanced sales functions to build bundles. Is there another way to do this? Any ideas? Currently have it set up as a BOM but this doesn’t print out what the warehouse needs to pick.

e.g. Product 12345 is ordered but it is made up of 

box a

box b

box c

each held in location under their own code. 
I want picking note to tell pickers when product 12345 is ordered they need to pick box a, box b and box c

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    RE: Multiple Parcel despatch of Different Items

    This functionality is available as assemble to order.

    With your assembly BOM setup correctly, set the assembly policy as assemble to order on the item card.

    When you raise a sales order for the item, the assemble to order qty should automatically populate on the sales line.

    When you create the warehouse shipment, an assembly order will automatically be created (note that you will not to do any extra processing so this is an administratively light process).

    When you create the pick for the warehouse shipment, it will be for the 3 components of the BOM.

    When you post the shipment, the assembly order is automatically completed and you ship the finished item.

    It is possible to show the 3 items as a set rather than the finished item if you prefer.

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