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Item Stock Inquiry number that makes no sense.

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Posted on by 75,730

I am trying to get consistent numbers from the Item Stock Inquiry screen. The client has been using GP since April of 2019. I just ran scripts to completely remove all IV transactions and set qtyonhnd for all items for all locations to zero. I had backed up the IV30300 and used SmartConnect to import the transactions. What I now find that is odd is that if I pull up the Item Sock Inquiry screen and enter an item and leave the site at all, and set the UofM to lbs the Total Stock quantity agrees with the balance quantity on the last line. If I change the Display Unit of Measure to DRUM those two numbers no longer agree. A drum consists of 500 lbs.What makes no sense is that if I proceed through the 5 locations they all agree whether UofM is POUND or DRUM. How can that be? What would cause this? The DRUM balance is 155.192 whereas the POUND balance is  5,697.782. The number should be 11.395.

155.192 = 191.986-(4.296+16.806+12.058+3.632). The numbers in the parentheses are 4 trucks and the 191 number is the main shop out of which inventory transfers occur.

But 5,697.782 / 500 = 11.395. The match for each truck is correct.

I have checked the UofM schedules for both GP and PA so they agree. None of the tips in the KB for Item Stock Inquiry have applied here. Please provide suggestions as to how I can finally correct this.