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Categorized Search Query

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Is it possible to restrict a Categorized search to one Team within Dynamics.

I work for a third level instituton. We have 2 separate teams, a Tech Support team and an Administration team. I would like to restrict our Administration teams categorized search to only show Cases and Contact from active students and allow our Technical Support team to access records from all Contacts and Cases, so the Tec Support team should be able to see records from non-students and inactive students.

I know how to filter the quickview, but I need to restrict it based on the team member.

Thanks as always


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    RE: Categorized Search Query

    Hi TedW,

    As you mentioned above, “I would like to restrict our Administration teams categorized search to only show Cases and Contact from active students”, student is one field in case and contact form?

    And you want to show different records in Categorized search based on different team, which seems so impossible, the view show in Categorized search is ‘quick find view’, you can’t set any filter with dynamic teams, the filter set in it will for all users.

    If you insist achieving it, maybe you can move users who is the owner of case and contacts from active students to the same BU of the Administration Team, and make Administration team members have Business Unit Read privilege on case and contacts entities.

    For example:

    1.Administration Team Bu is BU1.


    2.Following contacts from active students, check their owner field value (User or team).


    3.Move these users to BU1.


    4.Make Administration team member--Greg have Business Unit Read privilege on contacts.



    Leah Ju

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