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Power BI - Customer Insights Connector to build customer profile

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Hi Everyone, 

I hope you all are having a safe and amazing day. Recently I was tasked to build a Dashboard in Power BI using the data from Customer Insights. I was able to connect and make one. 

Now, I have another ask where I need to build and auto-populate customer cards that we see in CI into Power BI. I am not entirely sure if that is even possible or if it is the right practice as I am

relatively new to Power BI and need your help. 

Something like this in Power BI:


Tl;dr, is it possible to visualize individual customer profiles like shown here at this point:  

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    Nils Ke Profile Picture
    Nils Ke on at
    RE: Power BI - Customer Insights Connector to build customer profile

    Customer insights gives you several options how to expose the data for consumption. Common consumption surfaces are in Power Apps through our connector, the customer card add-in for Dynamics 365 products or using our APIs if you’re building a web app. As you suggest Power BI can be used to display information for single customers. Consider that Power BI does not retrieve the latest data from Customer Insights but works with cached data. To have the latest data available we recommend the other options listed: Power Apps, Customer card add-in or our APIs.

    For guidance on Power BI please consult their documentation: Power BI guidance documentation - Power BI | Microsoft Docs.

  • Nimrod Magen Profile Picture
    Nimrod Magen on at
    RE: Power BI - Customer Insights Connector to build customer profile

    Hi Mleu,

    Great question.

    We will come back to you on that.

    Thank you very much.



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