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Setup API/Webservices

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I am new as Business Central developer and havn't a big background as Developer generally. We're actually migrating our system on BC, and in this context I need to transpose all our webservices between data and our e-commerce website. Actually for testing purpose, I am trying to make someting like this : the website send me a /Customer's No./ and i'll send back data about his discounts lines about his customer group discount. The result must look like somethig like this, further down. I don't even know how to proceed and what's the best practice to achieve this.
I've already try to setup simple custom API and test it with Postman, it works but I don't know how to setup this with multi-table and some treatments. I've read some documentation talking about expose a codeunit as webservice, is this the way to go? I read also about Power Automate, I really don't know how to begin this work and where can I look to solve this.
I hope my english and my demand was clear,  Thanks a lot for your futur help !
    Client: {
        CustomerNo: '87860',
        Ending_Date: '01.01.0001'
    Discount: {
        Details_discount: [
                year: N1,
                Code: JA,
                description: Description,
                %taux: '35',
                Starting_Date: '01.01.0001',
                Ending_Date: '01.01.0001'
                year: N1,
                Code: JW,
                description: Description,
                %taux: '30',
                Starting_Date: '01.01.0001',
                Ending_Date: '01.01.0001'
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    Setup API/Webservices
    Hi, if the other system already has an external API that can be accessed, you can use HTTP Data Types to do it. There are some great examples in the post  below.
    Hope this helps.
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