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Help! Customer Journey for managing email hard bounces?

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Have any of you tried setting up a journey for managing email hard bounces more efficiently?
I'm working for a company where, most of the time, hard bounced contacts doesn't need to be deactivated, but the information needs to be updated.

I'm thinking something like this. When an email hard bounces:

  1. Contact is added to dynamic segment for hard bounces
  2. Task is created for Contact owner (in the Sales team) to review contact information
  3. Contact owner updates email address field
  4. Contact is removed from the hard bounce segment.

I have tried TONS of different ways of achieving this outcome, but have not succeeded yet. The biggest issue is that the contact will stay in the dynamic hard bounce segment after email address is updated.
Even if an email has been successfully sent to the updated email address since then!

Maybe I should skip the step with dynamic segment and insted try to get them into a marketing list automatically (where i can remove contacts manually)? In that case, how do I achieve that?

I am officially out of ideas and sincerely hoping one of you guys have solved an issue like this before :) Please help me!

  • Maria Naeslund Profile Picture
    Maria Naeslund 10 on at
    RE: Help! Customer Journey for managing email hard bounces?


    Thank you for your input! I noticed the same thing with the records and hard bounce interaction while testing.

    I took your advice and have a workaround solution that I think will work for now. What do you think?

    Create a marketing list (where I can add and remove contacts as I wish)

    - I will name it something like "Newly updated email adresses"

    - Create a segment that only includes this marketing list and give it the same name.

    Create dynamic segment with conditions:

    - Email hard bounced

    - AND timestamp is on or after (todays date)

    - BUT NOT segment "Newly updated email adresses"

    The idea is that once a month, I will go in and manually move forward the timestamp in the dynamic segment, and also clear the marketing list of all updated email adresses. That way the hard bounce segment will only include email adresses that hard bounced in the last 30 days, and the sales team will have enough time to correct the error.

    Like you said, I still have to do some things manually, (managing the marketing list and updating the segment timestamp). But it's still better than how it has previously been handled. So thank you!

    Let me know if you have any thoughts on how to do this even better :)

    Kind regards / Maria

  • Deborah J Pitt Profile Picture
    Deborah J Pitt 114 on at
    RE: Help! Customer Journey for managing email hard bounces?

    Hello Maria

    Unless you create a brand new record (which you don't want to do), the contact still has a hard bounce interaction linked to it.

    There isn't a way to remove this, so you need to add the contact to the hard bounce segment as an exclusion. I'm hoping someone cleverer than me may know how to do this programatically rather than manually?

    Best regards


  • Suggested answer
    Nya Profile Picture
    Nya 29,050 on at
    RE: Help! Customer Journey for managing email hard bounces?


    Besides deactivating hard bounced contacts, you can also consider using Workflow to clear the email address fields of these contacts.

    1. Create a segment with a behavior block to filter out the contacts who are identified as hard bounces.


    1. Create an on-demand workflow targeting at Contact entity to update the emails of the contacts to empty.



    1. Create a customer journey with the segment as the audience of it. Insert the workflow into the journey after activating it.


    After going live the customer journey, the emails of the hard bounced contacts can be removed.

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