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Upgrade from PSA to Project operations

Posted on by 178

Hi All,

I haven't been able to upgrade from PSA to Project Ops - Phase 2 easily.

Upgrade did not throw any error. It says Project Operations has been installed 

But couple of observations.

1) I don't see Project Ops app in my apps. I can only see Project and Project Ops Team member apps. Is this correct?


2) I'm unable to convert the active projects that were created in PSA to Project Ops WBS structure. When i click on convert, I get the following error


3) I read that the Project Service - DeprecatedComponents Solution has to unistalled. But I am having hard time in unistalling it. Just can't get rid of the unmanaged layer. Please help


I don't see any remove / delte unmanaged layer option. The only option available is remove active customix=zations which is greyed out



  • Verified answer
    handedee Profile Picture
    handedee 178 on at
    RE: Upgrade from PSA to Project operations

    Transaction not started error was resolved after I assigned Project Owner to "Project Manager" role.

  • handedee Profile Picture
    handedee 178 on at
    RE: Upgrade from PSA to Project operations

    I managed to remove dependencies on all  deprecated entities and delete deprecated solution. But still getting the same error "Transaction not started" while converting project

  • Mark@CloudNav Profile Picture
    Mark@CloudNav 60 on at
    RE: Upgrade from PSA to Project operations

    We developed an SSIS package using the Kingswaysoft Dynamics connector.  You could probably use it to solve your problem.  It might take a little work to get up to speed on it at first, but would probably be pretty simple in the end.

  • Nuno Rodrigues Profile Picture
    Nuno Rodrigues 5 on at
    RE: Upgrade from PSA to Project operations

    Hi, did you manage to resolve this? Having the same issue

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