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Home page settings don't save

Posted on by 145

I am running into an issue that when my client is logged into the web client as a self-serve user, she tries to customize the home page and the settings don't save.  So we changed the role to self-serve and it was showing Time Management, Time and Expense and Procurement.  However, they are not using Procurement at this time nor are they using Time Management, so using the customize this page we deselected those options, when we refreshed the page the Time Management option appears to be selected again for some reason.

Can someone tell me how to fix this?

Thank you


  • CU23051426-0 Profile Picture
    CU23051426-0 2 on at
    Home page settings don't save
    Firstly, clearing the browser cache and cookies might help eliminate any caching-related issues. Secondly, ensuring that the user has the necessary permissions to customize the home page settings is essential; insufficient permissions could prevent changes from being saved. Additionally, reviewing the system configuration for any conflicts or restrictions and testing the customization in different web browsers could provide insights into the problem's root cause.
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    HS-30042052-0 16 on at
    Home page settings don't save
    To fix the problem with the home page settings not saving, you can try a few things. First, make sure your client is logged in as a self-serve user. Then, customize the home page by deselecting the options they don't need, like Time Management and Procurement. After deselecting, refresh the page to see if the changes stick. If Time Management keeps appearing selected, it might be a glitch, so you could try clearing your browser cache or using a different browser. If the issue persists, you might need to contact the web client's support for further assistance.

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    Danyell Profile Picture
    Danyell 5 on at
    RE: Home page settings don't save


    This comment was really helpful for me

    "Hi Michael,

    Though the suggested resolution from Derek does bring your home page back to the default layout, it also scraps all your previous saved links and reports you'd have customized for that user.. .

    My experience with this issue is that you can usually reset the entries by simply deleting the records in the SY08100 table for that specific user account.

    Technically GP is going to re-create the missing entries at the next user login..

    If that doesn't work, you also insert the essential records that are needed for the home page, based on the scripts detailed here :

    Hope that helps." Beat Bucher responded on 

  • Brenda Willey Profile Picture
    Brenda Willey 2,510 on at
    RE: Home page settings don't save

    This seems like a temporary fix as it happens again.  Is there a more permanent fix available?  Does anyone know why this happens?

  • Ken Roy Profile Picture
    Ken Roy 490 on at
    RE: Home page settings don't save

    Hi Tina,

    Here's what I used the last time I had this problem with the full client.  I'm not sure who gave me this fix though.  

    Select * from DYNAMICS..SY08100

    insert into DYNAMICS..SY08100 values ('KENR',2,0,1,0,1,0,0,0)

  • Tina Haerr Profile Picture
    Tina Haerr 430 on at
    RE: Home page settings don't save

    I have client with the same issue.  Did you get a fix for this?

  • L Vail Profile Picture
    L Vail 65,269 on at
    RE: Home page settings don't save

    This happens routinely with the fat client, I'm sad to hear even the web client has this issue.


  • Jen Kuntz Profile Picture
    Jen Kuntz 3,220 on at
    RE: Home page settings don't save

    I've run into this before at clients, admittedly not with the web client but with the full client.  (also with full users, not self serve users, so my trick may not work on your situation). Try changing their default homepage role and then make changes. For some reason, sometimes but not always, something seems to get stuck. Changing the homepage role, all customizations to the home page are lost of course, but if you take a screen shot of the home page and then customize it back, I've found it then saves again.

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