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Dears -  As you may know that mobile workspace support will end in October 2024. Microsoft’s replacement for mobile workspace is Power Apps, as the blog states: Finance and Operations (Dynamics 365) mobile app to be deprecated - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Blog
You can create new mobile finance and operations experiences in Power Apps ahead of deadlines and use virtual tables in Power Platform to access financial Microsoft operations data.
Building mobile experiences based on financial and operational data is mentioned in the official documentation, you can check the documentation for details.
Building mobile experiences - Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn
My question please is there anyone can share step by step how to build mobile for dynamics 365 finance and operation to publish the related workspaces such as sales order, purchase order .etc. becuase the steps in link is general and not clear
  • Dynamics 365 finance and operation mobile
    Hi Andre - Thank you for your reply. please let me clarify my point and I will be highly appreciated if you could assist.
    there are many sources as you mentioned but not iof them give a clear steps to follow.
    what I did actual I do Virtual connectors in Dataverse, after creating datavesre on powerplatform test enviorment.
    but I stuck in building the power App and how to connect it on virtual to the virual tables, is there spcific step I can follow to build dynamics 365 mobile apps.
    My point is that my knowledge is still basic in this topic and there are many contents found on search engine but they are general and did not support me.
    so thanks if you can guid me.
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    Dynamics 365 finance and operation mobile
    Hi Aflak,
    On which step do you get stuck and have you checked for more details via the links provided in the link you shared? Are you able to setup the virtual tables or not? If you are struggling with the Power Apps itself, there is a ton of information available on the internet. You can find a lot of blog posts and videos if you use a search engine.

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