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Payment Matching Insights from Dynamics

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What is the best way to identify payments that are matched on Dynamics. Currently, there is no unique identifier to generate payment matching success reports.



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    MS-29042149-0 52 on at
    Payment Matching Insights from Dynamics
    Hey Raghav, just stumbled upon your post but there is a new feature enhancement out in release Version 10.0.40 that might solve your issue:
    When the Modern bank reconciliation feature is enabled, the Matching ID field is available. A unique matching ID is generated when bank statement transactions are matched. This ID is shown on the Matched transactions tab.
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    RaghavPDL 7 on at
    RE: Payment Matching Insights from Dynamics

    Hello Alireza,

    Thank you for your support. Sorry, I could not explain my situation in detail. Here it goes...

    We get bank statements from banks which are uploaded to Dynamics. That then is matched against open invoices based on set rules (using invoice number, name etc.). Unmatched payments are then matched manually.

    Currently, there is no way to identify payments that are matched and those which are not matched as there is no unique identifier or a tag for the same. Do we have any in-built field in Dynamics which gives us this information? Or what is the best way to solve this issue so we can create dashboards to showcase payment matching %.


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    Alireza Eshaghzadeh 10,873 Super User on at
    RE: Payment Matching Insights from Dynamics

    Hi RaghavPDL,

    Can you elaborate about what do you mean about the matching process?

    Do you mean matching transaction against payment while importing payment file or reconciliation?

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