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Workflow help - Converting a Quote into an Opportunity (Opportunity Products)

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I'm trying to create a workflow that will copy the data in a quote into an opportunity.

The main bit works fine, but im stuck when trying to copy the quote products over into the opportunity - as opportunity products.

How can i manage this?


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    Wahaj Rashid 11,319 on at
    RE: Workflow help - Converting a Quote into an Opportunity (Opportunity Products)


    Thank you for your query.

    You cannot run get child records in the workflow (quote lines).

    You can write a custom code activity (custom step), to get the list of current quote products and create opportunity lines.

    Or, it is easier using Microsoft Flow.

    Here is the high-level flow idea:

    • Create Opportunity record based on Quote.
    • Use List Records action to get all quote lines.
    • Loop through each line and create Opportunity Lines. 

    If you cannot use Flow, here is another trick.

    Following toolkit you can update the child records:

    Dynamics-365-Workflow-Tools/Update Child at master · demianrasko/Dynamics-365-Workflow-Tools (

    Here is the high-level workflow logic:

    • Create a flag (two-options) on the Quote Line (for example, copy to opp). Set default value to No.
    • Workflow 1:
      • create opportunity based on the quote.
      • use update child records step (form the utility) to set the flag to true on the quote product.
    • Workflow 2: triggers on the Quote Line (update of the flag field) and creates the Opportunity Line.

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