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Rapid growth in ConversationTranscriptBase

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We use Dynamics 365 CRM and over the past few weeks there has been a rapid increase of space used in Dataverse and all of it is in conversationtranscriptBase.

In the past, it was growing at about 1-2 MB per day. Starting on May 8, 2024 it grew from 530 MB to 2.5 GB in 14 days, growing approximately 200 MB each day!

What would cause this jump in usage?

Can it be pruned or purged?


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    Rapid growth in ConversationTranscriptBase
    Ours started growing at a rate of about 650 MB/Day on about April 9.  I'm about to open a case with Microsoft about this.  According to this page, it can be trimmed: Understand conversation transcripts - Microsoft Copilot Studio | Microsoft Learn

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