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Update Account segment to capital letter

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Hello I am trying to see if there is a way to update the second segment to have capital "CC" instead of lower case "cc".  The reason I am asking for the update is due to how we push information for budget to great plains. We would need to have a note that we have an exception when we do our yearly budget for that segment and we would rather see if GP would allow us to update. We currently use an excel add on with eone solution to open accounts and I have attempted to reupload with the capital letter but great plains does not see the difference. I also tried mass update with no luck. any help would be appreciated. 
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    Update Account segment to capital letter
    To change this, you will need to use the Account Modifier/combiner to change the numbering on an account from lower case to capital letters.
    You can either do this for one account, a range of accounts, or using an import file. 
    For one account you can test the steps below. This is suggested to be done in test and have a valid backup before doing it in live.
    1. Open PSTL - Professional Server Tools.
      1. This is a free module if you do not have it installed.
    2. In PSTL, mark the Account Modifier/Combiner and click next.
      1. In the window, select by = Account.
      2. Account Number = the current account that you want to change.
        1. You will need to use the lookup because you cannot enter lowercase values in the account field.
      3. Convert to Account Number = What you want the account to be.
    3. Click Convert.
    4. Click continue on the pop up.
    5. Click continue on the next pop up telling you post all Intercompany transactions that use this account after verifying if any need to be posted.
    6. Click Continue.
    7. Review the report for changes.
    8. Verify the end results.
    Please note. if you have third party tables that have ACTINDX in their tables, this will not work as the PSTL tools will not work with third party tables.
    I hope this helps!
    Thank you!
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    Update Account segment to capital letter
    Did you try Account Modifier in PSTL tool. try it in test company first.
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    Update Account segment to capital letter
    Moved the question to the Dynamics GP forum.

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