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Using Batch Expiry date and Stock status blocking creating duplicate MRP replenishment demand

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Hi all, has any one got experience of using both expiration dates on batches and the new stock status functionality? I'm not actually sure they are designed to work together! Traditionally we would use batch disposition to support expiration date/shelf life etc if the customer wanted to add a layer of blocking/reasons etc.

I have a customer (food manufacture) who is using FEFO expiration dates, and we are considering shelf life on the master plan as we don want to recognise expiration and subsequent replenishment requirements. However in addition to the expiration, they want to use the new WHS Stock blocking function along side to 'block' the inventory too. They are using also using quality orders to support some of this inventory blocking.

The issue is that when you run MRP (Net Req etc) AX recognises that the batch is expiring and includes this in the NetReq calcs and correctly offers a planned order to replenish the stock when the current stock expires. If the expired stock is then also given a stock status of 'Blocked', we see the additional demand generated as there is an inventory transaction to block the stock, and so the stock is no longer available so MRP again offers to replenish it - thus creating duplicate stock demand and replenishment. They do have mods but nothing that I believe is causing this. I cant find anything config wise that would alleviate the duplicate issue. I have questioned if they actually need to block expired stock .......but suspect this is related to their quality process. My gut feel is that stock status and expiration wont work together!

Any ideas welcome - thank you

They are using AX2012 R3 CU12 (up-to-date with hotfixes as of Feb 17)

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    Fredrik Sætre 12,644 on at
    RE: Using Batch Expiry date and Stock status blocking creating duplicate MRP replenishment demand

    Yes. Blocked status isn't available, so it will be natural to have it make more to reach demand. You aren't sure that it will be available.

    Two solutions to this problem.

    1. You can use statuses, and this is the reason why you can have multiple available statuses. Just use an available status with another name like "Unchecked" or similar. Use the Mobile Device "Change Status" to qualify them to an "Available" status.

    2. If you've got stock that has to be controlled some how before it is available maybe using semifinished goods with a final controller procedure? Same goes for packing, but in process manufacturing the Batch handling is just excellent for that purpose.

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