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Generate "Non-SEPA" vendor payment file (XML format)

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We have a customer request to be able to generate "non-SEPA" vendor payment files in the XML format...Previously they were using the SWIFT format which generates a flat file, but apparently their bank / ISABEL (not sure which) notified them that they will no longer accept this format.

So they now want to switch to the ISO20022  format.
More specifically they want to be able to define on the payment journal line who will bear the costs of the non-SEPA payment (value "CRED/DEBT/SHAR" in tag "<ChrgBr> in the XML file.

I have set up a new payment method using the "VendOutPaym_ISO20022_Generic"  class and the "VendOutPaymRecord_ISO20022_Generic" class :


and I have set up related "payment specifications" and "payment fee specification"


I understand that a vendor payment is considered "non-SEPA" if :

  • another currency is used then EUR
  • the IBAN account is for a country that is not part of the SEPA zone

So i have made a vendor payment journal with :

  • currency USD, which should be recognized as a "non-SEPA payment" because the the currency is not in EUR
  • Set the payment specification to "SHAR"  (=bank costs of non-SEPA payment will be shared between vendor and our company) but tried other values as well.

I've been going through the code...
It is my understanding that the classes "VendOutPaym_ISO20022_Generic" and "VendOutPaymRecord_ISO20022_Generic" should be able to cope with such a scenario.

But it seems as if the code only seems to work for actual SEPA payments, and not for international/non-SEPA payments.

I have found only one reference to a method that actually does something for non-Sepa payments and that is only for "transactions with the ability to group payment lines into separate payment information nodes". But this code is never called anywhere so it seems...

Does anyone have expercience setting up non-SEPA payments ?
Am I missing setup ?
Is customization of code necessary ?

Seems to me this is something that should be possible "out-of-the-box", even if maybe not all required XML tags or country-specific regulations aren't met...

Thanks in advance for any feedback...

  • gverstrepen Profile Picture
    gverstrepen 59 on at
    RE: Generate "Non-SEPA" vendor payment file (XML format)



    Some customization of the code was necessary, but in the end yes I did I think... well sort of...

    What we did was:

    1) Created a new payment method "NON-EU SEPA"

    2) Set up new "payment specifications" for the new payment method ("CRED"/"DEBT"/"SLEV"), you will be able to select these on the vendor payment journal line

    3) Set up new "payment fees" for the CRED/DEBT

    4) I modified the class VendOutPaym_ISO20022_Generic_BE (since our customer is operating out of Belgium)

    - I added a check if the current payment journal line is a SEPA payment or not (using the class method "VendOutPaym_ISO20022_Generic.isSepaPayment( )" )

    - I wasn't able to write the "SLEV" tag to the XML in case of a SEPA payment, instead it would ALWAYS write "SHAR"  (I forgot why exactly, but it gets overwritten somewhere else if I'm not mistaken), but I ended up removing the <ChrgBr></ChrgBr> from the XML altogether, so according to the documentation ISABEL will automatically assume it's default value "SLEV"

    There are online tools to validate if your generated XML conforms to the SEPA standard, I used to validate my generated XML format and it seems to pass the validation

    - if it's a NON-SEPA (check on currency / country / IBAN number) then the value "CRED" or "DEBT" is filled in the <ChrgBr></ChrgBr> tag, depending on the payment speficiation selected on the payment journal line

    - I also had to add a new method "interfaceName( )" in the class VendOutPaymRecord_ISO20022_BE to return the "description", if you don't do this you cannot select the correct class to you want to handle the NON-EU SEPA payment (field "Export format" in the payment specification method setup)

    CAUTION !  There are some things to consider using this approach...

    1) For the check I use to see if a vendor payment journal line is a SEPA/NON-SEPA payment to work, ALL VENDOR BANK ACCOUNTS NEED TO HAVE AN ADDRESS (or at LEAST a country).

    2) In fact using this approach you will end op with EXACTLY the same XML format for SEPA payments as for NON-SEPA paymens (except for the value in the <ChrgBr></ChrgBr> tag, so I'm not entirely sure if this is altogether "correct"

    Also keep in mind as this has only been "unit tested" at this stage, as our client changed it's mind and didn't want this released to their acceptance environment (yet)...
    So no such generated file has been sent to ISABEL for instance, so we're still not sure if they will accept it.

  • Alysu Profile Picture
    Alysu 5 on at
    RE: Generate "Non-SEPA" vendor payment file (XML format)

    Hello, I have the same request from a client and not sure how to proceed. Did you manage to set up the NON-SEPA payment after all using the above classes? Many thanks in advance.

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