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Purchase order price doesn't match cost in system

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Hey I was wondering if anyone knows why the costs in Purchase Order entry don't always match up to the costs in the system under Price Check or Cards/Inventory/Item. And is there a way to sync these up?  DQFanSurvey

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    Lisa at 2,965 on at
    RE: Purchase order price doesn't match cost in system

    In addition to Richard and Joseph's points, there are a few other sneaky areas where the default PO cost behavior can be configured:  PSTL's  POP Cost Defaulter (option to pull from Current Cost or Standard Cost) and also in PO Setup > Options if using PO Generator.

  • Joseph Markovich Profile Picture
    Joseph Markovich 3,753 on at
    RE: Purchase order price doesn't match cost in system

    Like Richard said, the PO costs will look at the last cost (or current cost) when entering items on a new PO.

    The other prices in the inventory items (Inventory > Cards > Price List) are the selling prices. These are used in sales orders, back orders, invoices, returns.

    There are add-ons out there to specifically let you enter the costs from your vendors and will integrate with Purchase Order Processing/PO Generator.


  • Richard Wheeler Profile Picture
    Richard Wheeler 75,730 on at
    RE: Purchase order price doesn't match cost in system

    The cost on the PO will pull from the last originating cost for the vendor on the PO. You will find this on the item/vendor card.

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