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AX2009 to AX2012 Upgrade: Configuration Keys Off

Posted on by 2,695

I am beginning the code upgrade process for AX2012.  During the Synchronization of the Data Dictionary, I am receiving  many, many errors that stem from configuration keys being turned off.  Did I miss a step during the install that relates to config keys?  To get my project moving, I opened the sysConfiguration form and enabled the keys, but it seems like a brute force thing to do.  Should I do something different?

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    lispyj 2,695 on at
    RE: AX2009 to AX2012 Upgrade: Configuration Keys Off

    Very good point.  They are mostly warnings, but there are some errors buried in the mix. Once I enabled the configuration keys, the warnings went away and only the errors relating to other issues remained.  It just seemed very odd to me that all of these keys were off.

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    skaue on at
    RE: AX2009 to AX2012 Upgrade: Configuration Keys Off

    Errors or Warnings?

    Currently, when synchronizing AX 2012 R2, I always get a long list of warnings on certain views referencing fields bound to certain configuration keys, keys that are switched off. I can safely disregard these warnings, and to be perfectly honest, I would like to not get these warnings at all.

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