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Planning Worksheet Configuration

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I have a BC issue in production, specifically in planning the items, that I would appreciate your assistance with.

Our customer has a multi-level production at different locations. The process looks like this:

  1. Item P is produced at warehouse A with 6 KG of item G.
  2. G is produced at warehouse B with 3 KG of R1 and 3KG of R2.
  3. R1 and R2 are normally purchased at warehouse C and then transferred to warehouse B so that it can be processed into G there.

We have maintained the appropriate stockkeeping units for the items.
The stockkeeping units depicts this case: R1 and R2 are purchased at warehouse C and then transferred to warehouse B. G is produced there. G is then transferred to warehouse A to produce P.
We have already been able to depict the process in BC without any problems (also via the planning worksheets).

Now it is about the planning worksheets. The planning worksheets access the stockkeeping units of the articles and suggest how the articles should be procured. So far this all fits. BC suggests the way the stockkeeping units specify.

However, our customer now has the requirement that for R1 and R2 it should be checked whether these items are still available at some other location (D, E, F) and could be transferred instead of being purchased.
So concretely:

  • R1 is 2KG still in stock at warehouse D.
  • R2 is nowhere in stock

My problem at this point is that I can only create stockkeeping units once for each location.
Is it possible to configure BC to first check all stocks at all locations and to prefer a transfer to a purchase in planning?

Desired suggestion in the concrete case would be:

  • Purchase order of 1KG R1 to warehouse C and stock transfer to warehouse B.
  • Stock transfer of 2KG R1 from warehouse D to warehouse B
  • Purchase order of 3 KG R2 to warehouse C and stock transfer to warehouse B

Thank you all in advance

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    Ben Baxter Profile Picture
    Ben Baxter 3,953 Super User on at
    RE: Planning Worksheet Configuration

    As mentioned, this is not possible with base BC using either Req. Worksheet or Planning Worksheet.  What you are describing would fall under the "manage by exception" rule.

    The Planner still has a job, and they would be required to review the suggestions to verify if they should carry them out.  You should add a fact box to the Planning Worksheet to show available inventory in the other Locations, this would make it much easier on your planner to quickly know whether to execute on the plan or to alter the plan to include the additional transfers.

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    Alfredo_Iorio Profile Picture
    Alfredo_Iorio 1,260 on at
    RE: Planning Worksheet Configuration

    You cannot achieve what you need with the requisition worksheet.

    Checking available stock at other locations is negative demand, therefore BC will never check available inventory from other locations if you have the SKU setup with a replenishment method of transfer from a specific location.

    You might find a workaround using substitutes in the BOM but that will probably make things hard to manage.

    In my opinion, you have two options:

    - Look for a supply planning extension in BC. These are not cheap but you get a full inventory planning suite integrated with BC.

    - Change the multi-location setup. If you have warehouse C and D as zones in one locations instead of being separate locations, BC will find available supply for the SKU and suggest to transfer instead of purchasing.  

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