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Error in number sequence of clients, pending statements, GUID on async clients

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First of all, we are on D365 F&O:nstalled product version : 10.0.39 (10.0.1860.134)Installed platform version : Update63 (7.0.7198.153)
On 06/26/2024 a problem occurred in the system which did not allow us to create new customers both in the point of sale application MPOS and in the billing that is done through a sales order in the ERP, several validations together with the partner's support team and it was determined to restart the CSU and subsequently synchronize all the distribution jobs to see if any positive effect arose in allowing the creation of new clients, which did not happen. After reviewing again, it was recommended by our partner to put the ERP in maintenance mode for half an hour and then put it back in active mode. This happened around 6:00 PM that day but no correction emerged after leaving the ERP again from Maintenance mode; By the end of the day it was identified that the numerical sequence of the reference “customer account” had been exceeded (sequence name 'Clie_2') and had already exceeded its limit, for which the sequence was changed from PXA-###### to PXB-###### and it was reset from number 1 to 999999. With this change it still did not allow us to create new customers and apart from that it no longer allowed us to consult old customers, in addition it did not allow us to create sales orders directly by the ERP customer module. This raised a lot of doubts about a possible change in the system configuration after exiting maintenance mode and when we started checking we found that a new distribution schedule called “1010_customer search” appeared along with a new channel database “CustomerSearch” pointing to a DAT company we don't use.
Upon finding these inconsistencies we reviewed in more detail and identified that more than 280 features had been enabled for no apparent reason, we proceeded to disable them and by doing that the channel database and the distribution work that had appeared disappeared, after this the system allowed us to create new clients as well as consult them and also the old ones, but later we found that it does not allow us to add addresses to the old or new clients due to an asynchronous client error pending synchronization (attached to the case is a copy of the screen with the MPOS error). At the same time, it was found that all the billing registration of the stores was stopped in the registration (post) of the statements within the ERP because all the statements were in a calculated state and when trying to register the statement an error appeared indicating that there is “ x asynchronous client GUID references from the transaction header” and that we need to ensure “that clients are created and then clear and recalculate the statement.” We review the batch processes that are scheduled to delete and change the state of the asynchronous clients and in the registry there are no errors in its last execution but when reviewing the process that is scheduled that is called “synchronize clients and channel requests” it is generating errors in every process it does since the number sequence change was exceeded and the error that appears on all of them says that there is an "error processing an asynchronous customer record in the RetailAsyncCustomerV2 table" and then another error that says "to create a new customer sets manual generation of number sequences to no for the customer account”.
In the same way, we reviewed the work of the “orchestrator of the consistency checker for commercial transactions” and it was seen that also since the night of June 26, it began to have errors due to the same message of the client's numerical sequence and that error began to grow in number of stores that had the problem reaching the point where all the statements of the 145 stores generated for each day remain but all in a verified state and do not go beyond that. This was pending from Saturday 06/29 until today because yesterday was a holiday in Colombia, the movement generated over the weekend was reviewed again and we found that the customer account numerical sequence that had been modified on Thursday (PXB- ######) was exceeded again this morning, this is definitely something abnormal since the first PXA-###### sequence for the client account took 2 years to complete and now in less than One week the same numerical sequence has already been used twice, we estimate that there are already more than 2 million records in less than 5 days! Today the sequence was renewed again to PXD-###### starting again at 1 but we are very concerned about this behavior of the system because this new numerical sequence is being used by the system in an absurd way, since it was updated at 10:52 AM today, Tuesday, July 2, and in less than 10 minutes the sequence had already changed to more than 5,200 used records. 
We continue to monitor the consumption of records in that sequence and by noon it had already had more than 110,000 records, by 12:52 pm more than 156,000 are counted and by 1:04 pm it is at 163,000 and rising (at this moment the sequence is in record 451565 of 999999), so before the end of the day another complete consecutive sequence may have been spent; Meanwhile, the configuration of the POS functionality profile is reviewed and it is found that in the commercial clients part the option to create a client in asynchronous mode is active, which had not been activated previously, and it is compared with the test environment where this option was not activated was enabled, for which we proceeded to leave it in the mode of not creating a client in asynchronous mode. After that, synchronization jobs are executed for all stores, but the consumption of the number sequence continues, and the extracts continue with the GUID asynchronous client id reference registration error. Stores at this time can only create customers with basic data but cannot add addresses, and we are trying to register the statements through an alternate partner customization process that allows transactions to be corrected manually record by record, store by store, which is generating significant additional consumption of resources.
Over the course of these days, the partner's technical staff informed me that they stopped all the processes that have to do with asynchronous customers, and at this moment both in the stores and in the ERP it is already allowing customers to be created with both the data basics as with their addresses.  But what we did find is that the new clients that were created between 06/26 and 07/1 at the time of consulting them through the MPOS do not have the identification number, although the client does appear in the ERP with their identification number. But after that date new customers appear with their complete basic information in both places.  Now the situation of the "customer account" numerical sequence also continues to occur, which was again completely consumed until last night and today we had to create a new one but it continues with the same behavior of growing in number quickly.
We also continue to have registration problems for sales statements that continue to appear with GUID errors in invoice clients.
The client is reviewed and it does exist.
And when you go to consult the sales by "store transactions" the query freezes and does not show the details of each record.
If you want to review the transaction using the "Transactions" button, the screen freezes and that message appears, and you cannot consult anything.
After a very long time waiting for the store transaction report to load, I get this large number of errors:
I do not understand how the customer number sequence can be corrected so that the error "To create a new customer, set Manual number sequence generation to No for the customer account" does not continue to occur, if the sequence appears correctly configured.
Today (july 5th), we continue with the same problem of the "customer account" numerical sequence being exceeded again, the statements are still not recorded therefore the inventories and sales orders are not updated, the "store transactions" query It does not respond.
At the moment I had to restart the "customer account" number sequence (sequence code Clie_2) again to see if the pending statements can be generated and registered, but no statement could be updated; At this time, almost all stores are blind because their inventories are not updated since the statements are not correctly recorded and are not deducted from the inventory balance.
Here is the screenshot of number sequence history:
When we checked the batch job "validate store transactions" it show a large error lines with the same behaviour:
And some time later today, we check again that the "customer account" numerical sequence was completely consumed, this time it was in less than 4 hours that the total of the consecutive was exceeded.  I have restarted it with the prefix CLI03-###### from 1 to 999999. We are very concerned about the behavior of the system.
Sorry for posting this in spanish (we are from Colombia) but is to see the date/time of number sequences I have to update on that short time:
We already posted all of this in a support case in Microsoft but no response since two days ago... so any help will be very welcome... 
PD: My english is made by google translator, so please give me patience...
  • André Arnaud de Calavon Profile Picture
    André Arnaud de Cal... 287,989 Super User on at
    Error in number sequence of clients, pending statements, GUID on async clients
    Hi Diego,
    Thanks for the update. Please reply again if you know more about the progress.
  • DiegoMunozPXA Profile Picture
    DiegoMunozPXA 7 on at
    Error in number sequence of clients, pending statements, GUID on async clients
    What happens with the customer numerical sequence is that we do not really use it as the customer account code, since within the ERP the account code is the same Colombian identification number (citizenship card or NIT for companies ), then as I understand the sequence is only used to register the entry of the new client but the client account number is the identification that is taken on the client creation screen in both the ERP and the MPOS.
    The number sequence "Clie_2" is configured as Manual set in "No" since the beggining.
    Regarding the response from support, I had to file a new ticket with priority A, which was attended to over the weekend and after much investigation it was found that a new table called RetailAsyncCustomerV2 appeared after exiting maintenance mode, as well as a series of changes in the parameterization that activated the asynchronous customer creation mode and many of the sales transactions with new customers were left with their records within that table, but they were not left with the identification numbers but with the codes of asynchronous clients, so apparently the system finds that table and tries to create said clients but since there is no way to link them with their identification number, it retries many times, consuming the client account numerical sequence in an absurd way (up to 800 records per second), and this is done when one of the transaction validation processes is run.
    What we plan to do is take the information of the transactions with validation errors that appear in the "Store transactions" query where the identification numbers of the clients pending to be created do appear, consult those numbers in the national database to be able to take the names and with this information create the clients via template, then try to revalidate the transactions to see if they match the created clients and allow you to register the pending statements.
    Until we do these processes we will not be able to know if the problem of consuming the numerical sequence is resolved and if there are no more GUID errors from asynchronous clients.
  • André Arnaud de Calavon Profile Picture
    André Arnaud de Cal... 287,989 Super User on at
    Error in number sequence of clients, pending statements, GUID on async clients
    Hi Diego,
    A lot of text to read. In case this issue is blocking your business, try to raise the incident to severe A. You can also respond multiple times on the support incident asking for attention. Did you get any update via the support case or nothing at all?
    You talked about a number sequence with a prefix PXA and PXB. On the last screenshot, I do see a prefix CLI02 which is different. Can you clarify what exact number sequences you have for the customers and is the active number sequence code according to the Accounts Receivable parameters? Then check if the Manual flag is enabled on the number sequence. That should be at least disabled.

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