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Javascript in dynamics crm

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How to get account related information when loading the contact form, for example I want to get account related fax value when i enter the account name on contact form  . explain with the code
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    Javascript in dynamics crm
    I added a Text Area field to the Contact form to display the account's fax.
    The code is as follows.
    function onload(executionContext){
      var formContext = executionContext.getFormContext();
      //Gets the value of the Account Lookup field.
      var account = formContext.getAttribute("parentcustomerid");
       //If the Account Lookup field is empty, exit and clear the Text Area field.
      //Get the ID of the account record in the account lookup field
      var accountId = account[0].id;
      //Retrieves the value of this account record.
      Xrm.WebApi.retrieveRecord("account", accountId, "?$select=name,fax").then(
        function success(result) {
            // Populate the Text Area field with the fax for this account record.
          formContext.getAttribute("cr8a7_textarea").setValue("Retrieved values: Name: " + + ", Fax: " + result.fax)
        function (error) {
            // handle error conditions
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