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running a report

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i am trying to run a monthly report for PO's received in a month

instead of checking the individual PO boxes one at a time, how can i check the boxes in a group at one time. Asked another way, what is a shortcut to check 10, 20, 30, 40 boxes as opposed to having to check them individually?

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    Ludwig Reinhard Profile Picture
    Ludwig Reinhard Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: running a report


    Do you need the financial data/ amount of the POs received?

    If so, you can simply use the trial balance or a voucher inquiry and filter for the account that is used for the posting type 'cost of units delivered'.

    Best regards,


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    SouravDam Profile Picture
    SouravDam 11,721 on at
    RE: running a report

    Hello maximuslion,

    Would like to confirm with you, if your question is related to the number of PO documents you have received in a month or for how many PO's, product receipts are posted fully in a month?

    Not sure about AX 2012 but you can go for below options in D365 to get this information.

    --- First; go to "All purchase orders" form and filter by the date ranges. Then generate this record in excel. It will give you all PO's created in a particular month.

    Further; if you want to see how many PO's have been received fully; then you can put additional filter by 'Received' in "Purchase order status" column.

    It will then show you number of PO's for which product receipts are posted fully in a month.


    --- You can also search for "Purchase receiving log" report, if available in AX 2012.

    This report will give you data in terms of number of product receipts posted in PO's based on the date ranges you selected in the report parameter form.


    Kindly check for similar in AX2012 if available and keep us posted if this helps you to fulfill the requirement.

    Best regards,
    Sourav Dam

    Kindly mark this thread 'Yes' if this is answered your query which may help other community members in this forum.

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