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Is there Purchase Order reminders, same as Customer reminders?

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How to create Purchase Order reminders, for the PO passed the Due Date? Or create batch email for PO 5 days before Due Date?

I read the previous thread :, but I cannot find  "Update line", "Deliver remainder," or "Cancel quantity." options

Basically we need a email sending out a difference form, a Reminder instead of Purchase Order form.

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    YUN ZHU Profile Picture
    YUN ZHU 59,873 Super User on at
    RE: Is there Purchase Order reminders, same as Customer reminders?

    Hi, using Power Automate is a very good suggestion. This makes customization easier.

    I would like to add a custom practice. Create a codeunit or report object to retrieve expired purchase orders based on your filters. If any expired, an email will be sent automatically.

    Then set this object to the Job Queue. You can set it once a day. You can set it to run once a day.

    More details:

    Hope this helps as well.



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    JAngle Profile Picture
    JAngle 33,131 on at
    RE: Is there Purchase Order reminders, same as Customer reminders?

    The need for a query is based on the fact you don’t get the email address on the purchase header. Also to have some purchase line detail and it all be in one row of data, if you think about it in a tabular way. If you can figure out a different method whilst using standard pages you could avoid the query. The blog does need a minor update. You can have it has a query api now and it will form part of the BC connector. Which is better because it stops any need to handle oauth when authenticating

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    MahGah Profile Picture
    MahGah 15,395 on at
    RE: Is there Purchase Order reminders, same as Customer reminders?


    That article is for different software.

    JAngle  published this excellent guideline for the exact need. The challenge is you may need to create a query for it. Maybe Josh is kind enough to recommend another method without a need of Query.

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