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Change URL of generated report in Management Reporter

Posted on by 177


In management reporter, I generate a report by clicking on the Generate button in the report Definitions (highlighted in red):


It would open the report in the browser, but will prompt me to enter the credentials:


This report is hosted locally, but I found the reason this appears is because it's accessing the report via a public domain instead of the server name itself. (if I change the domain name to the server name in thebrowser, no login window appears). I was wondering if there's a way to change the url to the server name (from domain) when the browser opens?

I tried changing the security settings in the Internet Options, but it doesn't remove the login window.


  • Jason Yeung Profile Picture
    Jason Yeung 177 on at
    RE: Change URL of generated report in Management Reporter

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for your help! I've modified the file (removed the ".companyname.local" part, leaving the server name) and it did the trick. It now thinks the site is from the intranet and no more authentication popup.


  • Verified answer
    Greg Byer Profile Picture
    Greg Byer 2,586 on at
    RE: Change URL of generated report in Management Reporter

    Hi Jason,

    It's not unusual for the Web Viewer to prompt for credentials.  This blog discusses that:

    I'm not sure why your report URL would be using a public domain.  We don't support doing that, so someone must have set it up that way or changed something to use a public domain.  Web Viewer was designed to be internal only and should be using http://MR_server_name:4712.  

    You could check the MRServiceHost.settings.config file on the MR server.  You'll find it at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics ERP\Management Reporter\2.1\Server\Services

    Check the DefaultBaseAddress and the DefaultHttpBaseAddress and verify they have the MR server address.  If you change the values in the config file, you'll need to restart the MR services for them to take effect.  

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