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create contact from MS Chat (omnichannel not teams)

Posted on by 25

Hi, We are just exploring the use of MS chat in Omnichannel.

It appears that when engaging with a chat customer there is no way to efficiently use the chat to create a contact.

currently is appears that you have to go to create a contact > copy and paste chat customer details into create contact screen > save and create > link contact to chat

Has anyone go a better way to do this or know if it can be done?

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    Wherezwaldo 25 on at
    RE: create contact from MS Chat (omnichannel not teams)

    Thanks Daniel. I was aware of that functionality but it seems clunky to have to copy and paste details into a new contact screen when Chat already holds that information (assuming we have a pre-chat question capturing those fields).

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    PerezAguiar on at
    RE: create contact from MS Chat (omnichannel not teams)


    Let's suppose that a user ticks on the "let's chat" button. At this point, is an anonymous user that is starting a conversation with you.  How would you populate any field?  The only possibility would be that your customer representative start doing some questions:  "how can I refer to you?" > and this might populate Name/lastName, for example.

    ON the Conversation board, you have a "new" button that allows you to create, from within the same screen, a new tab to populate the data:  I think this is the reference to what you're asking...


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