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Questions about dataverse and dual-write

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I've been reading the documentation about dataverse and dual-write with Dynamics 365 FO, and I have some questions to be confirmed:

  1. As far as I've understanded if I own a Dynamics 365 FO and a customer engagement app, let's say, Dynamics 365 CRM, those two applications will be able to synchronize the data from standard and custom tables using dual-write. Am I right?
  2. So, dual-write is something you can use as far as you have a Dynamics 365 FO and a customer engameent app (Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Marketing, Dynamics 365 Field Service, Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation), right? 
  3. Let's say I have Dynamics 365 FO and dataverse because I want to perform CRUD operations using Power apps portal (my company has about 1000 associated farmers and we want to provide them a tool to perform some operations in Dynamics 365 FO but we don't want to add them as users because of the license cost), I won't be able to use dual-write, right? (no automatic data syncronization), I'll have to use virtual entities, wich in fact are entites, and because of that, we will be able to perform GET and POST operations from power apps portal. Am I right?
  4. Sorry if I repeat the same questions from different approaches, If I update the dataverse data using power apps, this data will be updated in Dynamics 365 FO?, as I understant it won't, dual-write works if you have Dynamics 365 FO and a customer engagement app. Or am I mixing dual-write with operations in the dataverse using power apps?

I hope you can solve my doubts.


  • RE: Questions about dataverse and dual-write

    Regarding the point 3 and the last tech talk about the api limits I won't need a 1:1 relation between the power apps portal user and the Dynamics 365 FO user, I could use multiple portal users using different azure applications id's but with the same user in Dynamics 365 FO.

    Regarding the point 4, that is the question, but I'm afraid it won't (I can be wrong), at least I would like someone who has tried it to put some light here, but I think that is the reason because Microsoft talks about Virtual Entites, which means OData, or maybe you can just use a mix of dual-write and virtual entites, but it is something that the differents docs doesn't clarify.

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    RE: Questions about dataverse and dual-write

    Hi Mariano,

    Great questions. I will try to answer them.

    1. You can indeed include custom tables. You would need to develop a custom data entity for your table.

    2. Dual write work between Dynamics 365 F&O and any Dynamics 365 app you mentioned.

    3. Depending on what data will be managed by the external users, they need to have a correct Dynamics 365 license. If they e.g. have to update sales orders, they would need a user license or the customer should have an Order lines SKU. Check the license guide for multiplexing restrictions.

    4. There is different wording used in various different docs and blogs. Next to Dynamics 365 apps, Model driven apps (Power Apps) is also mentioned. As it is installed on Dataverse, I do expect it could work. I haven't tested it myself using e.g. a canvas Power App.

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