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Cancelling Intercompany Sales Order

Posted on by 170


I have an intercompany sales order I need to cancel.  However, when I get to the Intercompany PO and try to cancel it, I get the following error...

"Quantity cannot be reduced because the remaining update quantity changes sign."

PO has not been registered or received so not sure why I can't cancel it.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,

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    Ilya Biervliet Profile Picture
    Ilya Biervliet 5 on at
    RE: Cancelling Intercompany Sales Order

    Hi mikefern,  

    Here is what I understand of cancelling an IC sales order.

    Company A makes a salesorder with a customer 1 and Company B makes and ships this product to customer 1 using the direct delivery option in AX.

    If company A makes an IC SO (with direct delivery) then Company B automatically makes a Sales order B>A and Purchase order A>B. In Company B the SO can have 2 outputs that prevent you from canceling the SO, the picking list  and the shipment. There can also be a production order, but that is only connected to the SO by reference number (so make sure the responsible stakeholders know about this).

    If you want to cancel the SO you have to do 2 things.

    1. Cancel the picking route, if it is picked you have to unpick it first:

    on the SO, got o tab Pick and pack>picking list registration.

    Select your picking list and in the lines select a line and go to (bottom of form)Functions>Unpick.

    in the top of the form go to functions>cancel picking route. (you can now cancel the SO)

    2. If it is delivered, you have to cancel the delivery:

    Go to pick and pack>delivery note journal

    Select the line and press cancel. (you can now cancel the SO).

    Hope this helps.

  • RE: Cancelling Intercompany Sales Order

    Have you done anything particular on the SO after creating it ? Like deliver remainder option ? What have you done step by step please?

    And if you try atest on another item you won't have the issue i guess ?

  • mikefern Profile Picture
    mikefern 170 on at
    RE: Cancelling Intercompany Sales Order


    SO on our database and intercompany PO on their end.  I see the PO has not even been registered and in open order state.  However, I still get the same error.

  • RE: Cancelling Intercompany Sales Order

    Who is driving the interco transaction, the PO or SO ?

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