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Linking a receiving transaction to the final receivables transaction in a smartlist

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I am trying to build a smartlist that will show the customer invoice (receivable) that generated from our purchasing/receiving document internally. More specifically I want to know what the original receiving item was coded to on the ledger as well as how the customer invoice (receivable) that generated from the receiving doc was coded. Currently we run a smartlist for our COGS account and zero in on each transaction until we get the customer order and invoice that was generated and then compare then compare the invoices to our sales journal entries to verify the correct territory codes were used. I feel like there has to be a better way to pull this data without have to click through 5 screens but I have not been able to find a smart list or manipulate a smartlist that will show me both the sales and the purchasing side of a transaction. Help.

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    RE: Linking a receiving transaction to the final receivables transaction in a smartlist

    Hello Elizabeth,

    Thank you for your post!  Unfortunately, we do not have anything built into Dynamics GP that would help you evaluate this information out of the box.  My recommendation would be to create a SQL view to connect the distributions of the various document types involved and use that in SmartList Designer to create the report that you are looking for.

    I will leave the post up for the community to post their ideas as well.

    Thank you,

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