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Reverse a Foreign AP Payment which has unapplied from Invoice

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Posted on by 295

I faced error :You cannot reverse Vend. Ledger Entry No. (xxx) because the entry has an associated Realized Gain/Loss entry.":

Here are the steps I did.
1) Create Purchase invoice for vendor in foreign currency
2) Create and apply a payment to this invoice, also in foreign currency
3) Unapply the payment from this invoice
4) Attempt to "reverse transaction" on the payment

I searched and found that there are many people faced the same but Microsoft has no roadmap to fix.

Could you please suggest the manual steps to reverse ?


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    Amit Baru Profile Picture
    Amit Baru 3,025 on at
    RE: Reverse a Foreign AP Payment which has unapplied from Invoice


    Pls do the reversal manually because realized Gain/Loss entry associated with this entry. In BC D365, this type of entries do manually.


    Amit Sharma

    Please press Yes if info is useful.

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    Inge M. Bruvik Profile Picture
    Inge M. Bruvik 32,714 Super User on at
    RE: Reverse a Foreign AP Payment which has unapplied from Invoice

    You have to manually register the reversal of the payment through a general journal.

    And you must also make sure to reverse the Gain/loss posted as the result of the original payment.

    If you go to find entries you can find all entries connected to your original payment so you get an overview of what you need to reverse.

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