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Omnichannel voice channel settings broken after 2023 Wave 1

Posted on by 144

I have raised this already with MS support but I am curious if anyone else is having issues with Omnichannel Voice since the 2023 Wave 1 rollout started?

We opted in early to test and found no issues, but since the official rollout for GB this easter weekend, we can no longer edit any voice channel settings in multiple environments - we either get a message saying "No channel found" which is wrong as we have multiple voice channels or if trying to view/edit the channels through the workstream it simply forever hangs on "Loading".


Digging around in the console we are consistently getting an error whenever trying to access voice channel settings via multiple routes (org ID removed):

{"error":{"code":"0x80041103","message":"'msdyn_ocprovisioningstate' entity doesn't contain attribute with Name = 'msdyn_gatekeeperstatusreason' and NameMapping = 'Logical'. MetadataCacheDetails: ProviderType=Dynamic, StandardCache=True, IsLoadedInStagedContext = False, Timestamp=191523167, MinActiveRowVersion=191523167, MetadataInstanceId=8322353, LastUpdated=2023-04-09 05:36:18.670, OrgId=000"}}

msdyn_gatekeeperstatusreason seems to relate to Nuance Gatekeeper which is only available in the US, I'm not sure if this explains why non-US based environments are now seeing errors when trying to change voice channel settings or if this is just a coincidence.

Our voice channels are still working in terms of calls being routed to agents etc but we can not change any settings such as automated messages.

  • Sayen Zhang Profile Picture
    Sayen Zhang on at
    RE: Omnichannel voice channel settings broken after 2023 Wave 1

    Hi partner,

    When I upgrade to 2023 release wave 1, I also find the same issue in Channels.



    There is an error message in console the same to you: 'msdyn_ocprovisioningstate' entity doesn't contain attribute with Name = 'msdyn_gatekeeperstatusreason'.

    In my environment which region is US, ‘msdyn_ocprovisioningstate' entity contains attribute with Name = 'msdyn_gatekeeperstatusreason'.

    However, there is no explanation about 'msdyn_gatekeeperstatusreason’ in ‘msdyn_ocprovisioningstate' entity Microsoft articles.


    Best Regards,

    Sayen Zhang

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