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'Invalid Email address for recipient of type Contact'

Posted on by 433


We receive this error on one Contact when trying to send an email to him;


Does anyone know what could cause this? It only seems to affect one Contact in Dynamics. His contact email all looks correct to me, so I dont know why this is happening.



  • Sam Conroy Profile Picture
    Sam Conroy 241 on at
    RE: 'Invalid Email address for recipient of type Contact'

    How are you sending to the contact? Is it via a workflow, BPF, or using the OTB email form?

    If it's not using the OTB email method then try that as a way of narrowing down the issue and then checking the other options if it is them.

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    Amit Katariya007 Profile Picture
    Amit Katariya007 5,769 Super User on at
    RE: 'Invalid Email address for recipient of type Contact'


    Does Incoming email is enabled for this specific user? if yes then it should be set as "success".


    Also you can refer below FAQ

    Thank you,

    Amit Katariya

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    Nya Profile Picture
    Nya 29,050 on at
    RE: 'Invalid Email address for recipient of type Contact'

    Hi Ted,

    According to the error message you provided, this error occurs if there was an invalid email address included on the To or Cc line of the email.

    Please review the email message that encountered this error and verify all email addresses on the To and Cc lines are valid email addresses.


    Also, the id of the contact is kind of weird. Please try to check if there is a contact whose id is "00000...00000" in your environment.

    The id can be found in the URL of the contact.

    E.g. "...?appid=474563ef-34a0-ec11-b400-000d3a34c22d&pagetype=entityrecord&etn=contact&id=01d72acf-e8e9-4ae3-bf4b-9ba2ef1c5367"


    If the above does not solve the problem, please click on Show Details in the picture to see if there is an error log available to me.

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