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Territory Management

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We are looking for options to implement Microsoft Dynamics Territory Management for our Sales organization.  We are primarily a US based Bank with 5 distinct sales regions with relationship managers in each of those regions supporting commercial clients around various banking products.

Looking for user guides, and collateral that will help set the proper expectations and requirements for our IT team to deliver on this functionality.

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    Inogic Profile Picture
    Inogic 23,963 on at
    Territory Management
    Hi Robert,

    The built-in territory management features in Dynamics 365 CRM offer basic customization and functionalities that might be inefficient for your 5 distinct sales regions with relationship managers.

    Try Maplytics Territory Management

    Considering your specific needs, a more robust solution like Maplytics’ Territory Management integrated with Dynamics 365 CRM might be a better fit.

    Maplytics provides advanced territory management functionalities that can be customized to your specific needs. This includes-
    • Auto creation of balanced sales territories based on various factors like customer location, workload, and potential.
    • Visualize territories on a map for clear understanding, distinction, and efficient sales planning.
    • Easily adjust territories through a user-friendly interface.
    • Track sales performance by territory and identify areas for improvement.
    Maplytics integrates seamlessly with Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse, ensuring your sales data is readily available for territory management tasks. It could help optimize territory design for balanced workloads and efficient client coverage. Make informed decisions about territory allocation and resource deployment based on real-time data. Track performance by territory and identify areas for improvement to maximize sales growth. Apart from Territory Management, Maplytics is also known for its features that help with Proximity Search, Automated Appointment Planning, Optimized Route Plotting, Real-time tracking of Field Sales and Field Service reps, and more!

    The Maplytics website offers detailed information about territory management and other features, including video tutorials and case studies. Reach out to the team at for a personalized consultation and discuss your specific requirements for territory management in your banking environment.
  • Thomas Lee Profile Picture
    Thomas Lee 36 on at
    Territory Management
    To implement Microsoft Dynamics Territory Management for your sales organization in the context of your US-based bank with distinct sales regions, you can follow these steps:

    Define your sales regions: Identify and define your five distinct sales regions within the Dynamics system. This could align with the geographical territories you mentioned or any other criteria that makes sense for your bank.
    Set up territory records: Create territory records in Dynamics to represent each sales region. Assign the appropriate attributes to each territory, such as region name, description, and any specific criteria or rules that define the boundaries or characteristics of that territory.

    Assign relationship managers: Assign the relationship managers (sales representatives) to the corresponding territories. This ensures that each relationship manager is associated with the appropriate sales region in the system.

    Configure access control: Use Dynamics security roles and permissions to restrict access to specific territories. This ensures that relationship managers can only view and work with the customers and leads within their assigned territories.

    Establish rules and ownership: Define the rules for how territories are assigned to customers and leads. This can include criteria such as geography, industry, revenue size, or any other relevant factors. Use Dynamics workflows or customization to automate the assignment process based on these rules.

    Train users: Provide training to your relationship managers and other relevant users on how to work with territories in Dynamics. This should cover topics such as territory navigation, accessing customer data within their territories, and utilizing the system to manage their sales activities effectively.

    To find user guides and collateral that can help set the proper expectations and requirements for your IT team, I recommend the following resources:

    Microsoft Documentation: Visit the official Microsoft Dynamics documentation for detailed information on Territory Management and its configuration within the Dynamics platform. The documentation provides step-by-step guides, best practices, and other useful resources.

    Microsoft Community: Explore the Microsoft Dynamics community forums where users and experts share their experiences and insights. You can find discussions, articles, and helpful tips related to Territory Management implementation.

    Microsoft Support: Reach out to Microsoft Support for any specific questions or technical assistance you may need during the implementation process. They can provide guidance and address any issues or challenges your IT team encounters.

    Implementation Partners: Consider engaging with a certified Microsoft Dynamics implementation partner. These partners have expertise in configuring and customizing Dynamics to meet specific business requirements. They can provide guidance, best practices, and hands-on assistance throughout the implementation process.

    By leveraging these resources and involving your IT team, you can set the proper expectations, gather the necessary requirements, and successfully implement Microsoft Dynamics Territory Management for your sales organization in the banking industry.
  • AppJetty Profile Picture
    AppJetty 1,013 on at
    RE: Territory Management

    Hi Robert,

    For self-implementation, you can check out the detailed guide by Microsoft. You can also opt for a readily available solution for territory management. 

    The Dynamics 365 Mapping plugin would enhance your sales team's efficiency and productivity. You can manage the team's activities and even schedule their plans. Along with data visualization, it will provide you with features such as route optimization, territory management, geo-analytical dashboard, live user tracking, heat maps, and more. 

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    Adrian Begovich Profile Picture
    Adrian Begovich 20,973 Super User on at
    RE: Territory Management

    Hi Robert Diaz,

    This article explains how to set up sales territories to organize business markets by geographical area. It is included within this administrator and sales manager guide.

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