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Batch server Vs Debugging X++ code running on Server

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We have an AOS server and Batch server separately. This is a development and testing environment. Our batch server is working only when Enable breakpoints to debug x++ running on server is  turned OFF. Enabling this parameter will make AOS restart.


to debug x++ code running on server, I have to turn this ON. for that, I had to stop my colleagues working, save their stuff and enable the parameter which in turn restarts AOS and then i have to do my debugging.

I believe there should be a easier way of handling this?


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    RE: Batch server Vs Debugging X++ code running on Server

    Enabling the flag does require restart indeed.

    If the restart is not initiated by you, then it might be a crash. We have noticed that sometimes leftover breakpoints could cause AOS process crash in certain places, thus our way of avoiding this is the following:

    - Enable the flag, do not restart AOS instance.

    - Stop AX AOS service manually

    - Truncate the SysBreakpoints and SysBreakpointList table in SQL Server

    - Start the AX AOS service

    Alternatively when you want to switch back to non-debugging mode, you could clear the breakpoints list at that time.

    Other than the above it implies that you do not have version control in place, so I strongly agree with Martin that you need to have separate developer instances (with proper version control enabled), and also a build/release process of placing code on your Test environment. That way debugging the functionality currently being tested should not interfere with other developers' work.

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    Martin Dráb 225,783 Super User on at
    RE: Batch server Vs Debugging X++ code running on Server

    If it's a development environment, why don't you keep debugging enabled. Also note that having two AOS servers in a development environment is very unusual, because it complicates deployment and it's not needed from performance perspective.

    And having a single environment for both development and testing usually doesn't make a good sense. Development in progress could prevent testers from testing, you already complain about not being able to debug, you wouldn't test deployment and so on.

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