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Application Insight blocks notification email for environment version update in Business Central?

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Hi All, 
I'm enable telemetry in Business Central with my Application Insight to connect to Appsources Dynamics 365 BC Usage in Power BI. 
When I check the BI report, it said my environment had been validated but with failures in one or more extensions to new version in BC. The thing is, I haven't received any mail from Microsoft notifying about which extensions or failures in that environment. Last minor update on Feb - March 2024, I still received email about failures with environment for update version. 
Does Application Insight/ telemetry enable actually block those email from Microsoft or is there anything wrong that I didn't receive any notification emails?
FYI, I used data collection rules (DCRs) to prevent all the events collected from BC to table App Traces in my Workspace for Application Insight excepts for event ID for environment validation successfully/ with failures, diagnostic reported and extension validation with failures and diagnostic reported (event ID LC0222, LC0223, LC0227, LC0210, LC0226). 
Is it the case that DCRs block notification emails?
By the way, one more questions with DCRs, I haven't gotten any traces for extension validation with failures even though my environment can't be compatible with new version because of one or more extensions validation tasks have failed. Are those event failures for extensions not in Traces table? how can I find the information about which extension failed to validated in Application Insights?
It's very crucial for me to check which extensions was not compatible with new update version in this period when update to new version in BC is on the way. 
Thank you for your help. 
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    Application Insight blocks notification email for environment version update in Business Central?
    Hi, sorry I'm not sure if it has something to do with the settings below, but I think you can give it a try.
    Note: Microsoft expect to remove the Notification recipients list from the Business Central administration center
    In addition, this is Microsoft's standard behavior. If you have any problems, you can submit an SR to the Microsoft support team.
    Hope this helps.

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