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Edit Warning text in record form

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I have a Dynamcis 365 Customer Service Workspace application deployed in our organization. I have a warning notification that is being shown when I add an additional contact or email adress to the Required field when creating an appointment on an account record.
I would like to change the text (or just remove the last sentence). I have tried to edit the on the entity in the Power Apps editor. However, the changes i made or not being shown. 
Does anybody have some tips or a solution for this?
All responses, correct or not, are appreciated! 
  • Dengliang Li Profile Picture
    Dengliang Li Microsoft Employee on at
    Edit Warning text in record form
    Unfortunately, I'm afraid that's not possible.
    This warning notification is dynamically generated by the system.
    I tried to use this JavaScript interface to listen to the addition of the HTML element where this warning notification is located and modify its text. But the result will be a dead loop.
    I'm afraid you can only remove the warning notification.
    Best Regards,
    Dengliang Li
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    SG-29041047-1 10 on at
    Edit Warning text in record form
    I was trying to add an image of the warning message, but the post did not allow it for some reason. 
    The thing is that we have enable Server Side Synchronization for our users, which means that they can send out invitations to meetings from CRM. When you add another contact to the original account meeting, this warning message is shown:
    "Some of the recipients are outside of your organization. These recipients will also receive this appointment when you save it."
    The thing is that i want to change this message, so that it only shows the first sentence:'
    "Some of the recipients are outside of your organization"
  • Dengliang Li Profile Picture
    Dengliang Li Microsoft Employee on at
    Edit Warning text in record form
    I can't see the image you posted.
    Do you mean that in the Account entity, clicking on the plus button in the timeline, creating a new appointment (quick create), and a warning will appear when adding additional contacts or email addresses to the Required Attendees field?
    If so, I don't see any warnings, only when the required fields are empty to save, I see warnings like the following:
    Subject : Required fields must be filled in.
    Best Regards,
    Dengliang Li

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