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Unable to Create File - Adobe

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I was wondering if anyone else came across this issue when generating .pdf files out of GP?   It only happens every once in a while while invoicing - and the folder does have the proper permissions:



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    Beat Bucher  GP Geek  GPUG All Star Profile Picture
    Beat Bucher GP Gee... 28,009 Super User on at
    RE: Unable to Create File - Adobe

    As a side note... nobody should have the ability to create documents in the GP program folder..

    Sure, you need to have full access to get the program working properly, but this is a huge security hole.. Regular users shouldn't be allowed to save files into the GP Program folder and the way to remediate that is to get the essential files put on a different location and start GP by providing the path of those file location (like the DEX.ini and some .DIC files).

    GP can be started with a Batch file and user variables to prevent this.. And user documents like PDF should even less be written to the program folder and the application configuration should make sure it's pointing to some share network location where users have read/write access.

    For more details on how to achieve this, read my blog post :

  • G_K Profile Picture
    G_K 47 on at
    RE: Unable to Create File - Adobe

    Thanks Richard!  I will give that a try.  

  • Richard Wheeler Profile Picture
    Richard Wheeler 75,730 on at
    RE: Unable to Create File - Adobe

    Since the filename is always DOCUMENTS.PDF most likely what is happening is the file is open and cannot be overwritten.

    Can you have it saved with a random name instead?

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