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Costing on multisite environment

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Hi, i'm facing an issue with costing version on a multisite environment.

I have a customer who has two production sites. Raw materials are purchased on a site, then they are transfered to another site, a semi-finished product is produced there with them and then it is transfered back to the first site where the finished product is produced.

All products will have standard cost so we are working with costing versions. Our intention is to update costs from raw materials on site 1. Then, when we did the calculation on site 2 to have the semi-finished product cost updated. Is there anyway that AX looks at the cost on site 1 to avoid copying the costs to the site 2? Then we would need the same behaviour to the finished product to "see" the semifished product which has its cost on site 2.

I'm sure that this could be reached on AX however i'm not finding the way.

Hope i had explain myself and you could help me.

Thanks for your time.

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    ColbyGallagher Profile Picture
    ColbyGallagher 3,664 on at
    RE: Costing on multisite environment

    Steven is correct, you will need to get the raw material standard costs activated in site 2 or your semi-finished goods will calculate incorrectly.  

    The other side is trickier.   If you don't do calculations in site 1 for the semi-finished items, they will just have a "Purchase" price from site 2, no calculation, so you can't use the Multi-level cost rollup by cost group in site 1 if you have BOM's with more than one level.

    I would suggest you  activate a simple purchase item in site 1 & 2, and calculate & activate a BOM cost in site 2, and then look at what happens when you copy that price to site 1 vs. calculate a new BOM cost in site 1 (even though you dont make it there).  

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    Weaveriski Profile Picture
    Weaveriski 23,614 on at
    RE: Costing on multisite environment

    I do not believe so, your costing version will need a standard cost for the raw material at site 2 where it is consumed, and in the same manner your semi-finished product will need a standard cost at site 1.

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