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Cash Flow MR report actuals versus budget

Posted on by 36

Hi all,

Could  you help  me with the below- mentioned question?

I can use successfully the Standard Cash Flow MR report  just changed a bit for our needs.


As well we received a correct amount on 'Cash at Beginning of Period' report line, although it is a bit tricky formula for it.

But now we are facing to add the budgeting data to this report .

We need to have data in columns matching the ranges:


Has anybody built Cash Flow MR report Actuals vs Budgets?

How to get data for 'Cash at Beginning of Period' for Budget column? is it possible to do in MR report?

  • RE: Cash Flow MR report actuals versus budget

    Hi, Ludwig,

    Thanks for your response.

    yes, I used this template. it works improperly for the cash account 110100  for budgeting.
    My actual example is for period 1.1.2020..8.31.2020. Report date is 8.2020
    Here are my budget entries


    1. I wonder:
    1.1 if it is correct to post the opening balance for the cash account for the beginning of 2020 year, as budget entry with 12/31/2019 with the budget Model FY 2020,  see a picture above?
    1.2 if it is correct to use the 'original budget' budget type  for this entry? Or may be  I need to use  'Carry froward budget' budget type  for this budget entry, and it  allows me to apply the attribute 'budget type' with this value ('Carry froward budget') for the specific column to get a specific value at the beginning of the reporting year.

    2. When I apply column definitions as on your screenshot,( i just made the utility columns visible) , I  get an improper value for the budgeting entries:


    My purpose is to  verify if I am able to  get a correct value  of cash accounts from the budget entries for  the beginning of the year, and to show  the proper value in ' Check Total - Cash at end of period' :


    But I receive an improper data for the budget entries at the beginning of 2020. I need to have12000 usd there .


    But I found another way how to get a proper value.

    I  changed the  column definition:


    I changed the row definition:


    This set up allows me to take a value from dec 2019.

    Now report looks correct.


    but is it a proper approach for the one year budgeting model?

    And if we use the budget model in MR  that includes two years - submodels FY2020, FY2019, such an approach will not work .
    Because we can not get a correct value for the beginning of second year using a current set up of column G.
    But if we post  the opening  balance budget   entry with  'Carry froward budget' budget type , we can add filter with this attribute  to the the column G. And I think it should work properly.


    What do you think ?

    are approach #1,approach #2 correct?

    or may be another proper approaches exist to  get value at the beginning of the year for budget entry?
     I have verified the second approach. it works.
    i added and posted the budget entry  with 'Carry froward budget' budget type.


    And build report on the base of column definition with attribute Budget Type=[Carry-forward budget] for column G.


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    Ludwig Reinhard Profile Picture
    Ludwig Reinhard Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Cash Flow MR report actuals versus budget


    Have you checked how the standard cash flow statement is making the calculations?

    Attached you a screenprint below.

    Have you already made use of such as column definition that refers to your budget data?

    Best regards,


  • RE: Cash Flow MR report actuals versus budget

    Hi Ludwig,

    thanks for response.

    yes, we are going to budget on balance sheet accounts such as inventory, fixed assets, AR/AP summary accounts , cash accounts.

    But how should we enter opening balance for these accounts to build correct MR report ?

    For example

    1.  we have a budget opening balance 200000  usd on 1 of january for our bank main account '110110' .

    2.1 and then we have such budget entries for this   main account '110110' (monthly turnovers)

    2.1. 01.31.21 10000 usd

    2.2. 02.28.21 20000 usd

    2.3. 03.31.21 20000 usd

    2.4. 04.30.21 10000 usd

    2.5. 05.31.21 20000 usd

    2.6. 06.30.21 20000 usd

    We can enter  these budget entries 2.1-2.6 and update budget balances for FY2021 model.

    But how should we entry and post a budget opening balance 200000  usd  to have a correct value in MR report Cash Flow MR report actuals versus budget in the line Cash at Beginning of Period. Should we post it we specific budget code , what date should we use for this entry?


  • Suggested answer
    Ludwig Reinhard Profile Picture
    Ludwig Reinhard Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Cash Flow MR report actuals versus budget

    Hi Acquarius,

    That can indeed be a bit tricky because you need budget amounts for balance sheet accounts to achieve that.

    Are you budgeting on balance sheet accounts such as inventory, fixed assets, AR/AP summary accounts and alike?

    If you don't then you cannot get this kind of report.

    Best regards,


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