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Production order start not creating picking list

Posted on by 2,721


we switched some weeks ago from AX2012R2 to AX2012R3 ( CU13). When we start a production order the picking list is no longer created up on start. 

The production BOM ist created, so the calculation of the required material is done. Just the "suggested" picking list is not created ( no auto booking !)

Any ideas?



  • guk1964 Profile Picture
    guk1964 10,877 on at
    RE: Production order start not creating picking list

    Is this the same for all orders? For all users?

    If so, then check the General tab parameter to ensure the  parameter to create picking list on Start is enabled.

    Meanwhile when the Production order is already released you can also create from a new  Picking List Journal.

  • CU14050944-0 Profile Picture
    CU14050944-0 2,721 on at
    RE: AX2012R3 CU 13 Production order start not creating picking list


    did delete all usage data -> no effect / still not created

    when creating production order, reservation is set to manual

    when starting production order :

    Automatic BOM consumption = Never

    Post Picking list = 0  ( not checked)

    when looking on the production order, a BOM has been calcualted

    any hints



  • Suggested answer
    guk1964 Profile Picture
    guk1964 10,877 on at
    RE: AX2012R3 CU 13 Production order start not creating picking list

    let me share a tip I picked up from an older Evert Bos post. The likelihood is that this down to user data being reset. The set up parameters for automatic consumption generally do very little unless you skip the stage then they act as defaults.  The two parameters for the behavior of the Start and Report as Finished transactions are instead controlled by the user defaults. These user defaults become part of the usage data. (Tools/Options/Usage data/All usage data, find the records with record type "usersetup")  If the user clicked “usage data reset” to solve a problem, then those defaults are no longer available. So  check the specific user defaults. As good practices always check the General tab before hitting OK.. Users have to manage  their defaults. When someone else  takes over production transactions e.g. during a vacation or absence, then check their defaults before they do anything.

    Also check whether the  reservation is still  set to manual in the production parameters.

    Note that when the flushing principle on a production order is  BLANK, the principle set on the item determines how the item(s) will be consumed from inventory.


  • Galyna Fedorova Profile Picture
    Galyna Fedorova 3,566 on at
    RE: AX2012R3 CU 13 Production order start not creating picking list

    Hi Pirmin Bercher,

    What parameters have you set on the Start screen of your production order?

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