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Real-time Marketing: Duplicate emails sent out in customer journeys

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Hi gurus!

I've got a prob that's in need of assistance. I've created a segment in D365 real time marketing that pulls in records of leads who have signed up for our events. As we have multiple events, there will be duplicate emails in it as the lead could have registered for 2 different events, and hence appears twice in the segment.

The issue I'm having is that when I created a customer journey and the email goes out, the recipient receives duplicates of the same email. An example would be:

Andy registers for 3 events and there's 3 records of Andy in my segment. He will then receive 3 copies of the same email.

I have checked my settings and I have Bypass Email Deduplication set to NO. 

This wasn't an issue with Outbound Marketing but in real-time, how can I solve this? Any advice?