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Problem about filter in field Account No. on Journal Pages

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I've got problems after upgrade from BC17 to BC20 on Journal Page (e.g. Payment Journal, General Journal, Fixed Asset G/L Journal) when I type value to field

Account No. usually it will filter by value that I type (I test on BC17 it's still work properly) but only Cash Receipt Journal still work properly.

How am I suppose do to?

Thanks in advance and Sorry for my English skill.

Currently I used BC20 release wave 1


Tested on BC20 in Cash Receipt Journal it's work properly only this page.


Tested on BC20 in another Journal page it's doesn't filter by what I type.


Tested on BC17 is work properly


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    RE: Problem about filter in field Account No. on Journal Pages

    Hello Lars Lohndorf-Larsen,

    Thank you very much for your reply. I have extension on this page but it's just set property Editable in field Account No. and assign boolean variable to this property. After I've comment this property. It's back to work properly. I'll find a way to make it work again.

    Thank you for your help.


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    RE: Problem about filter in field Account No. on Journal Pages

    Hello Kitta,

    First of all your English is more than fine :-). Unfortunately I don't get the same here. I tried in various journals - below is a screenshot from my Payment Journal, and all my journals filter OK when I enter parts of a G/L Account No.:


    Either this will get fixed once you move to latest BC. My own BC here is on 20.3. But more likely, as the behaviour is different in different journals, there may be some extension on your solution? If you click on "Select from full list" in the bottom right corner of the lookup, and then use the Search there, does that work?

    Also, you can click on ? -> "Help and support" -> "Inspect pages and data" and then click on "Extensions" to see if the journal has been modified by an extension. 

    I hope this helps you forward where to look next.

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