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AX2012 Upgrade Table Mapping Errors

Posted on by 2,695

I have run the table mapping step of the data upgrade process, and found 40 tables with errors.  The mapping errors are not for customized fields or tables.  

For example:

-the SysFillUtilityLog and SysFillUtilityLogLine are not mapped.  

-Several fields relating to CreditCard processing are not mapped in the SalesTable.

I know that the Fill Utility has been deprecated. Shouldn't these tables then map to del_SysFillUtilityLog or something similar?  Is there some reason that I would see mapping errors for standard AX functionality?

  • lispyj Profile Picture
    lispyj 2,695 on at
    RE: AX2012 Upgrade Table Mapping Errors

    Thanks!  I had the 6.0 objects marked, but not the 6.2!

  • Verified answer
    Kevin Kidder Profile Picture
    Kevin Kidder on at
    RE: AX2012 Upgrade Table Mapping Errors

    My first guess would be that you do not have the configuration key for Keep Upgrade Objects 6.2 marked in your configuration setup. The tables you mention and the credit card fields in the SalesTable table are marked with that configuration key.

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