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Customer Service App Access for end users

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We have been looking into using one of MS Dynamics Apps for our internal IT helpdesk system, we have created a sandbox environment and trying to create a proof of concept to see if it will work for us.

The problem we are stuck on, is how to get end users i.e. employees of our company access. Reading through the documentation it does seem straightforward to add them to the Customer Service app access security role and make sure the app is shared with that security role.

We added couple of users to this security role but keep getting this error when access the customer service hub app.

/This app requires a license and you don’t have the appropriate license to access this app. /

What kind of license does it need, when the article clearly says a user who is part of that security role can access the app, also we have purchased licenses for the helpdesk team who will be administering the tickets, but I didn't think you would need 3000 additional licenses for users to just fill in a form and submit a ticket.

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    PerezAguiar on at
    Customer Service App Access for end users
    There's a page that might be relevant for your analysis:  Basically:
    - Everyone interacting with the "Case" entity requires a full license. If you have 3000 employees and you want them to login to D365, well... it's the option.
    - However, the same page offers a different approach:  IF the people are creating/working cases for themselves, you can use a Team Members license.  However, this still require 3000 licenses. Cheaper, but licenses as well.
    However, there's an interesting topic that might be relevant: Do you really NEED the users to login to Dynamics?  because in most scenarios, a "customer self-service portal" might be a solution:  A website were your internal (or external) users can connect, check for public knowledge articles, create cases (that are also created in Dynamics), and get the status of their cases, as well as use it as a communciation method with Agents
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    CU04051842-0 14 on at
    Customer Service App Access for end users
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    Dengliang Li Microsoft Employee on at
    Customer Service App Access for end users
    According to this official document, the error details contain the license name and application name.
    Then contact the administrator to assign the appropriate license to access the application.
    Best Regards,
    Dengliang Li

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