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Warning message while merging cells in excel through excel buffer in navision?

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Posted on by UG Leader

Hi all,

I have included the following codes for merge of cells in excel , in excel buffer in navision.

XlWrkSht := XlApp.ActiveSheet;

XlWrkSht.Range(FromRec.xlColID + FromRec.xlRowID + ':' + ToRec.xlColID + ToRec.xlRowID).Select;
XlWrkSht.Range(FromRec.xlColID + FromRec.xlRowID).HorizontalAlignment := -4108;

XlWrkSht.Range(FromRec.xlColID + FromRec.xlRowID + ':' + ToRec.xlColID + ToRec.xlRowID).cells.Merge;

The code is working properly. but it keeps on popping warning message.

"The selection contains multiple data values. Uniting in a single cell will be retained only the data in the upper left."


I tried to find out the issue,but cannot understand,

Could any one help, how to proceed.