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Lead scores aren't working for leads

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We are trying to implement lead scores but the scores are not populating for leads. They do however work within opportunities

We have tried deleting the model and recreating it, given it several weeks time and trying again, to no avail.  I can confirm that there is a contact associated with the lead. The scoring did work for a brief time and then discontinue working around 6/1.

The model is published currently. We also tried with Retrain Automatically on for a week, then deleted the model and rebuilt and published again without retrain automatically on.  Neither option resulted in any scores.

We have the correct licenses and plenty of data in there.

How can we get the lead score to work within the lead record?

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    Matthew Graham 5 on at
    RE: Lead scores aren't working for leads

    Thank you Leah! It ended up being a situation in which we had originally selected to use the business process flow as part of our modeling, but we recently removed that and our users were just qualifying leads without a flow, which understandably stopped lead scoring.

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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Lead scores aren't working for leads

    Hi Matthew,

    Based on your description, you can't view 'Lead scores' records in the lead?


    Lead score won’t generated if leads does not have below conditions:
    (1)Lead must be associated to parent contact or account Condition for scoring must be fulfilled
    (2)If you have leads , must have interactions when scoring model is active

    --The main prerequisite is that the prospect must be associated with an existing contact or customer in order to be scored. These contacts can be associated using the first step of the Lead to Opportunity Marketing Sales Process and adding the contact to the Existing Contact or Existing Customer field.


    --And you need to check if the current lead meets the conditions set in the scoring model,if the conditions are not met, the score will not appear, even if you have added the relevant contact.

    You can refer this article, which will walkthrough the steps to configure lead scoring.

    Create lead scoring models (Dynamics 365 Marketing) | Microsoft Docs

    And could you provide screenshots about your lead and lead scoring model?

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