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Form opens details instead of the grid

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Hi everyone

In AX 365 forms should use a design pattern. I'm using the pattern "Details Master". Everything works fine exept that the Detailpage is shown first instead of the Gridpage with the master records for selection. In prior forms this worked automatically but now i have one case which always shows Detailpage first. I already built the form twice, but same result.

Does anybody know what to achieve forcing Details Master Forms showing master records first?  I appreciate any response to my question.

  • WaqarAhmad01011 Profile Picture
    WaqarAhmad01011 5 on at
    RE: Form opens details instead of the grid


    Create record and save and then refresh the browser your default view will be load as a grid.

  • Lars Jäger Profile Picture
    Lars Jäger on at
    RE: Form opens details instead of the grid

    Yes both is the case

    - Form view property on the menu item is auto

    - detail tab is above the grid (if not so the design pattern throws an error)

    After refactoring the form again i have the funny situation that

    - by opening the form now the grid comes first, which is correct!

    - when i add a new master record (Grid View) with Standard New Button the view changes automatically to detail view???

  • Martin Dráb Profile Picture
    Martin Dráb 224,741 Super User on at
    RE: Master Detail form pattern

    Doesn't the menu item have a wrong value in its Form View Option property? (Auto should work fine, if the form is built correctly.)

    Are the tab pages in the right order? It seems that details should be above the grid.

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