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SLA should not automatically be applied to case

Posted on by 133

Hi all,

Currently we're implementing Dynamics CS at our company. During the implementation I have encountered the following issue:

At our company we have some customers that have an SLA agreement with us for resolving service cases within a certain time limit. Besides these customers, we also have customers that do not have an SLA agreement, and resolving cases is based on 'best effort'.

Now, I've set up SLA entities in Dynamics and coupled these with the customer accounts that do have a SLA agreement with us. I only want the SLA to be applied to a case/incident when the SLA is coupled with a customer account. However, when I now make a case for a non-SLA agreement customer account, the SLA will still automatically be applied to the incident/case.

Is there a way to automatically apply an SLA to only the customers that have a related SLA entity, and not for the incidents/cases from other accounts with no SLA??

Thanks in advance!

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    Pablo Peralta Profile Picture
    Pablo Peralta 793 on at
    RE: SLA should not automatically be applied to case

    Hi JR61

    Out of the box, you could achieve that by:

    1- Setting up no SLA as the default one. So, no SLA will be applied by default to each case you create.

    2- Using entitlements (and associated SLA) for the customers you need SLA to be applied.

    That way, if the customer has an entitlement, the SLA associated with that entitlement is applied.

    Now, if you would prefer to avoid entitlements, you can always have a WF that based on certain conditions, sets up the SLA (SLAid field) of the Case entity to the SLA record that holds the configuration.

    Another alternative:  leave the SLA as the default but make sure through the SLA Items that conditions are only met for customers where SLA must be enforced.

    Hope it helps.


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