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Calling FO - OData action using Postman

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Hi Team

I wrote an Odata action method in the custom data entity, however when calling this method via Postman it throws the below error: Any help would be appreciated

OData action code below:
[SysODataAction('getInfo', false)]]
public static str getInfo(CustTable _custTable)
    return strFmt("%1/%2", _custTable.AccountNum, _custTable.CreditLimit);
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    huijij Profile Picture
    huijij 19,803 on at
    RE: Calling FO - OData action using Postman

    Hi Rahul,

    Agree with Anitha, your request URI must follow the format

    1.[Your organization's root URL]/data/[Your data entity]/Microsoft.Dynamics.DataEntities.getInfo

    2.The method is decorated with [SysODataActionAttribute]

    Here is a example for OData action using Postman:


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    AnithaEswaran Profile Picture
    AnithaEswaran 2,030 on at
    RE: Calling FO - OData action using Postman


    You can call the metadata to check if the odataaction is created properly.

    Use GET request in postman and call this URL$metadata

    This takes sometime to return the result. In this result, search if your odata action method exists. If it doesnt exist, then you need to correct your code.

    If I were you , I would decorate my odata action like the below :

    /// <summary>

       /// OData Action to check info

       /// </summary>

       [SysODataActionAttribute("getInfo", false),

        SysODataCollectionAttribute("accountNum", Types::String),    

        SysODataCollectionAttribute("return", Types::String)]

       public static void getInfo(CustAccount accountNum)


          //Do a select with account num rather than passing the cust table object


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